“Icing and meat” 10 years later – around architecture in Poland after 2012

Wednesday – 28.09, 20:00, Kino Nowe Horyzonty

The opening film of the 10th edition of the festival will be followed by a meeting on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the book “Icing and Meat. Around architecture in Poland after 1989”. In 2012 Marcin Kwietowicz, Grzegorz Piątek, and Jarosław Trybuś held a conversation about the local design and it was dense with topics and contexts. This time, along with Anna Cymer, they will discuss aesthetic – and other – preferences in Polish architecture after 2012.

Guests: Anna Cymer, Grzegorz Piątek, Jarosław Trybuś
Moderator: Marcin Kwietowicz

What you can’t see, aka ugliness in the city

Thursday – 29.09, 17:30-19:00, Barbara, ul. Świdnicka 8b

Malgorzata Kuciewicz, co-founder of Warsaw-based design and research group Centrala, in her talk will trace the tactics of hiding what is “ugly” and unwelcome in the cities’ peripheries. The aestheticization processes of public spaces, especially central and representative ones, are often associated with the excessive ordering of vegetation or the expulsion of animals that function in cities.

Lecture: Małgorzata Kuciewicz

What kind of architecture do we want to see and what is it supposed to do for us?

Thursday – 29.09, 20:30, Kino Nowe Horyzonty

The discussion following the screening of Mathias Frick’s documentary, moderated by Igor Łysiuk, will become an opportunity to ponder upon what we expect from architecture, especially visually, and how it affects us. Thanks to the presence of Natalia Olszewska, we will learn about aspects of the perception of space and buildings, explored by neuroscience. In the context of the deconstructivism present in the film, this will allow us to understand why we sometimes feel the impressions we have of particular objects.

Guests: Dorota Leśniak-Rychlak, Natalia Olszewska, Piotr Zybura
Moderator: Igor Łysiuk

Bulldozers and plaster columns. De-modernization of public space

Friday – 30.09, 17:00-18:30, Muzeum Architektury we Wrocławiu, ul. Bernardyńska 5

In a lecture by Błażej Ciarkowski, one of the main themes of this year’s festival, related to the practice of restoration of some objects and destruction of others, will be brought up using many examples of, not only Polish, projects (some of them only planned, and some finalized). This will be an opportunity to discuss strategies for addressing the aesthetic architectural dimension of buildings, representing primarily social modernism.

Lecture: Błażej Ciarkowski

Protected forms. What do we want to remember and what do we want to forget when protecting one and demolishing the other?

Friday – 30.09, 20:30, Kino Nowe Horyzonty

After more than an hour of an intense journey through the interiors of five buildings and the stories of the people who inhabit them, we will pause for a discussion about the difficult post-socialist heritage, which, despite many ideological objections, continues to captivate us with its form. These buildings were built to impress, to celebrate modernity and attention to decor, but also, most importantly, to entertain and to serve the daily life of communities.

Guests: Dorota Jędruch, Kuba Snopek
Moderator: Bogna Świątkowska

Original vs. interpretation: on tactics for dealing with the signboards of the 1990s and 2000s.

Saturday – 01.10, 15:00, location TBA

The Open Call, held in July, allowed us to include an event in our festival program that will combine two proposals submitted in the competition. The authors of the winning projects are Kalina Zatorska, known for her Instagram and zine @kontro_wersy, and Natalia Wielebska of Traffic Design in Gdynia. At the meeting, we will juxtapose two different perspectives on documenting, processing, reproducing, and presenting the process of creating signboards and ads.

Kalina Zatorska, Natalia Wielebska

This is Poland. What have we got and accept, and what can we work with next

Saturday – 01.10, 17:40, Kino Nowe Horyzonty

Two remarkably interesting documentaries, bearing witness to their times and the new ideas emerging in the society of the transformation, will become the starting point for a conversation about the peculiarities of Polish design, where more-or-less controlled chaos and changing conditions seem to be an integral part of working with space.

Guests: Ewa Porębska, Aleksandra Stępień-Dąbrowska
Moderator: Michał Duda

Escape to and from luxury. Podcastex on “Matrimonial Comedy”

Saturday – 01.10, 21:20, Kino Nowe Horyzonty

At a special screening of the only feature at this year’s MIASTOmovie, we will be joined by Podcastex, aka Bartek Przybyszewski, and Mateusz Witkowski, creators of a popular podcast about the 1990s in Poland. After the screening, they will be commenting on the comedy, taking a closer look at phenomena characteristic of the transformation era.

Talk: Bartek Przybyszewski i Mateusz Witkowski

Cities of order are cities of beauty. On composing space

Sunday – 02.10, 16:00, Kino Nowe Horyzonty

On the fifth day of the festival, together we will look at the aesthetics of the surrounding space from an urbanistic perspective. When discussing the form of architecture, we often focus on specific buildings. This time we will pay more attention to the traditional perception of design, which takes into account the historical context, and also focuses on the harmony of the landscape and its protection.

Guests: Maciej Frąckowiak, Kuba Głaz
Moderator: Katarzyna Roj

To make it the prettiest. Economics vs. the possibilities of shaping the aesthetics of cities and neighborhoods

Sunday – 02.10, 19:00, Kino Nowe Horyzonty

At the end of the anniversary edition of the festival, we will arrive at an extremely ideal place, where it is not chaos or lack of attention to form that is the problem, but the rigorousness of spatial order and the over-aestheticization of the objects being erected. In the conversation, we will ask ourselves what happens when we reach that point, and how it is even possible.

Talk: Kacper Kępiński i Tomasz Fudala